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    Frequently Asked Trolling Motor Lithium Battery Questions?

    Amp hours (Ah) in a battery is similar to the size of your fuel tank. Referring to our statement above, "more amp hours = more run time" there are many factors to consider while choosing the right battery for your boat. Every boat is different by weight and size.

    24V Trolling Motor Systems: If you have a skiff between 16ft' & 22ft' in length and are a casual fisherman, fishing after work or only a few hours out the day at a time (4-5hr) then our 24V50Ah or 24V60Ah is right for you. If you are serious fisherman, tournament angler or guide, and fish for more than > 6 hours at a time, we recommend our 24V80Ah or 24V100Ah battery set up. More amp hours = more run time.

    36V Trolling Motor Systems: Our 36V60Ah lithium battery has been installed on over 150 different types of center-console boats. This single battery has been tested to last over > 8+ hours for boats up to 34'ft in calm conditions. (run time will vary depending on the weight, size, & sea conditions). If you have a larger boat and want to be a able to use your trolling motor all day in 1-2ft seas, we highly suggest running our 36V80Ah or 36V105Ah battery systems. We have designed three different tiers of batteries with different amp hours for this specific reason.

    If you still are unsure of what battery set up to choose from please reach out and give us a CALL (855-719-1727). Our friendly staff is is more than happy to guide you in the right direction to assist you in getting the proper lithium battery set up to best suite your needs.

    While we highly recommend using our lithium chargers, they're other compatible battery chargers out there that will work with an ABYSS BATTERY. They include; the Stealth I Charging , and Power Pole CHARGE®. Our batteries have been tested and work flawlessly with both charging systems with no issues. We only recommend using our charger because it is programmed and specifically designed to charge our batteries. Our marine lithium battery chargers come equipped with built in safety features along with a pulse wake-up mode function that can easily restart your battery if it has been fully discharged. All these features built into are chargers are designed to make your experience using our products that much easier and extend your battery life cycle. The choice is yours..