Our Mission

Abyss (əˈ-bis) comes from the Greek word ábyssos meaning “bottomless, unfathomable, boundless”. The immeasurable depths of the ocean are the world in which we are deeply rooted and from where we draw our name and our inspiration. The Abyssopelagic zone is the deepest layer of the ocean near the seafloor, organisms that live at this depth have had to evolve to overcome challenges provided by The Abyss.

At Abyss Battery, our mission is to provide the most reliable and intuitive power solutions for your life, we want you to get the most out of every day and equip you with the proper tools to power your pursuit.

Our Vision 

We believe in taking a fresh approach that will empower people with the best possible battery experience. We are designing new ways of thinking about batteries so they can be there when you need them - without worrying how or where they'll charge next. 

Our Promise

We can't guarantee that every battery we make will come out perfectly and perform to your expectation, but our mission is perfection. And when we fall short of this goal? We'll do what it takes so you're happy with us. If a battery doesn't work for you after the purchase or if there's any issue at all, please let us know because customer satisfaction means everything to us.