Abyss Batteries are built with select marine-grade components and a unique 
construction that defines a new standard of reliable performance. Every Abyss battery features an Internal battery management system (BMS) that stabilizes cell voltage, prevents overcharging, over discharging, reverse polarity, and short circuits.

We use the industry's safest LiFePO ₄ chemistry and utilize large format prismatic cells for more efficient and reliable battery connections. Using large format cells simplifies pack formation and system integration. Each bus bar connection to a cell terminal is secured using 4 screws, providing a much more robust connection and reduced contact resistance. Our construction is advantageous because it eliminates failure points associated with spot welding in battery packs using cylindrical cells. Bus bars are made of silver plated copper bars to achieve maximum conductivity and high resistance to corrosion. 

With Phosphate based chemistry and a safety valve design, our Lithium ion battery cells demonstrate the highest safety performance in the industry. The safety valves can pop open under abuse conditions, quickly release internal cell pressure, and thus prevent cells from catching fire. 

Abyss Battery format cells are housed in a explosion proof aluminum casing. Tests have been conducted to confirm cells do not catch fire or explode in various abusive conditions, such as nail penetration, short circuiting, over-charging, over-discharging, over-temperature, crushing, dropping, etc. Our Lithium Ion cells are certified with UL1642

Abyss batteries are different from other lithium battery manufacturers.
Our batteries are manufactured with the highest-grade cells, proprietary peak surge stability, and a transient voltage BMS (battery management system). 

Our BMS operates seamlessly with any application and automatically manages all of the modules system parameters in real-time. The module's inherent safety, extended cell life, and zero maintenance offers end users a more reliable battery alternative by performing with more than twice the run-time and less than half the weight of similarly sized SLA, Gel, and AGM batteries.