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Lithium vs. AGM Trolling Motor Batteries: Which To Choose?

A reliable trolling motor is essential for enjoying a day on the water to its fullest. Here’s how to choose between lithium and AGM cells.

Abyss Battery® Proudly Maintains Compliance With ABYC Standards For All Lithium Marine Batteries

Abyss Battery® strives to make the safest and most reliable lithium iron phosphate batteries for the most demanding environments, that’s why our batteries are only made with compliant rated components and used in applications around the world. All Abyss Batteries...

The Benefits of Using a 12v Battery on Your Boat

Your boat offers countless adventures and experiences, and having the right cell onboard to power the motor and electronics is key to a enjoyable day.

Lithium Marine Battery Safety: Handling, Charging, & Storage

Marine batteries have specific needs and requirements that boat owners must know about. When it comes to safety, these tips will ensure you don’t run aground.

A Brief History of the Electric Fishing Reel

For many people, fishing is a time-honored practice and tradition. The advent of electrified reels presents insight into the evolution of the sport.