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This battery Helps shed weight off my maverick flats boat, and easily cranks my 115 Yamaha!


Love my batteries so far. No having to deal with cords is a major plus. Also, great customer service and support.

Great battery

Fished 6 hours and still had 60 percent battery left. Great product. Very pleased.

Quality Product

Great product arrived on time and works like it should. Will eventually purchase a second unit.

Could not be happier with this product. Customer service was outstanding. They truly stand behind there products. I will be ordering another soon.

A great battery for deep dropping. Would Holly recommend this battery and the company was superb on shipping and timely fashion

Electric reel batteries

Great product and great customer service! I highly recommend all of their products.

Deep drop Halibut fishing

I was skeptical this battery would last a full day of fishing . I finally got the chance to try it out Halibut fishing . Fishing in 800 to 1000ft water . It performed flawlessly . Being able to check my bait faster enabled me to catch more fish then the other 13 people on the boat . When the captain gave the signal to pull up your lines ; I stayed on the bottom 15 minutes longer . Usually catching another fish . The Tanacom 750 and this battery were a perfect match . Well worth the money . I highly recommend this battery .

The best

Absolutely love the fit and material on this shirt. Super comfortable, fits perfect and true size, light weight and perfect to stay protected in the sun.

Lithium reel battery

Love mine. I bought another reel and also added a second battery. It lasts 2 full days pretty easy snapper fishing. The first battery I had connection issues and Abyss sent me another cord immediately no questions asked

Abyss Deep Drop Beastmaster

I tested the battery for deep dropping using a Beastmaster. Charged it full and made 4-5 drops in 800ft of water. Put the battery away and never charged it back up. Three weeks later I pulled it back out. Battery showed 100%. Fished in 600-700ft of water with 5lbs of lead consistently catching small tilefish, grouper, and snapper in 3kts of current. The battery lasted 5 solid hours before it shut off. It definitely won’t last all day if you are fishing heavy weights and steadily in the fish but it definitely gets the job done. The best part about it is that it you don’t have to deal with the cord. Life is so much easier without a cord when dealing with tangles of other people on the boat. If you are fishing on a boat that doesn’t have the ability to plug in then you will definitely want to get 2 of these batteries to fish all day. They are worth it.


I received two of the hoodies and couldn’t be more pleased, they are light weight and have a pocket for everything you want to put in it even a phone.

Fished deep all day today

Fished deep all day today Lots of fish & no issues except straps could have been longer to wrap around the rod

Battery Trays

I recently got a 36v 72 battery with the tray, the install was so easy and clean… Highly recommend getting one.

Mispresented with cable.

I purchased battery with straight up cable at both ends connection. Instead, I received cable with the angle 90 degrees at the battery end and its very inconvenience because that connection faced out not under the reel. I called store and talked with salesperson explained my issue and the best option he offered to send it back all set, even straight up cables they have been advertising $19.99 for sale separate. They make me to buy another straight up cable the same one on website presented and included with set for $299.00. Come to the point, they sold me a set and refused to send proper cable. Apparently, they need my extra $20.00. Thank you for mispresented and great customer service.

Great customer service

Issue with first battery received. Promptly replaced. New unit rapidly went to full charge and connected flawlessly with Tanacom. Looking forward to on the water testing next month.

Onboard charger

Works great, should have installed a long time ago.

I have 3 of these batteries and love them. Can not compete with any others. Great product!!

On the run

Excited at the simplicity. Look forward to seeing in action


great concept. product appears to be of highest quality. excited to put it to use!

Nice job charging charging but not very user friendly

The charger had no problem charging two 12V and two 36V connected in parallel. The charger got a bit warm for my liking. What I don’t like is the requirement that the charger be disconnected from all of the batteries to set the battery type. The charger always defaults to Lead Acid and has to be changed to Lithium Irop Phosphate before the batteries can be connected. No word in the manual as to what happens to Lithium Batteries if you forget and charge them as lead acid. In my opinion this is a major design flaw.

Pab 9000

Best battery ever bottom fish all day 85’-200 ‘. One battery. Last all day

Third Boat build with Abyss Batteries, they never disappoint

This is our third boat using an Abyss Battery, expect to get exactly what is advertised if not better, and the customer service is on par with industry leaders such as Power pole. Don't try to save a few bucks buying a less expensive alternative, this is a sure thing.

Poor product

I have already written two reviews that did not post. I am thoroughly disgusted with your product and your website communication.

I purchased one and it works great, last two days of snapper fishing in 300 ft of water. I now own four of them for all my electric reels.