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Jimmy A. On Google Says:
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I run a 22ft Yellowfin hybrid with a 112lb 36 volt trolling motor. I fished the 36V/60ah Abyss for 7 days in the Louisiana marsh and could not kill it. Several days of practice and the tournament the wind blew 20-30mph and I was heavy on the trolling motor all day. I never worried about losing the trolling motor and once back at the camp the battery changed in just hours. With the confidence I had in this battery I pushed the limits and ended up finishing 2nd in the tournament! If you are looking to upgrade your batteries, increase your performance and save some serious weight (Over 200lbs in my boat) you need to check out this battery. Another awesome feature about this Abyss compared to other lithium brands is the fact it “floats” fully charged at about 40.5 volts instead of 43. That means you aren’t overpowering your 36 volt motor just giving it what it needs. I think long term this will mean longer motor life. Jimmy Adams Professional Tournament Angler

Ryan W. On Facebook Says:

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We are currently living on two Abyss 300AH batteries as we sail around the world. We power our entire boat, including our autopilot, stove, and oven and we sleep in peace knowing we have the highest quality lithium battery money can buy. Thanks for making a great product, Abyss! Excited to see you dominate the competition while providing intelligent, safe, reliable, and powerful lithium iron Phosphate batteries. 🍻


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