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The Abyss 24v trolling battery are the best

I had another company’s lithium battery and switched to the Abyss and I’m so glad I did . No more tripping of the internal fuse and the power is amazing


After my Gen 1 started acting erratically, I called to test the warranty. I called on a Tuesday to explain the issue and they immediately sent me a brand new replacement no questions asked. That Friday I installed the new battery and can say everything is right in my water world. I loved my Gen 1 while it lasted, I’m looking forward to multiple fishing seasons with my new Abyss. Great product and great service after the sale! Well done Abyss, we’ll done.

Great additional equipment

A very affordable solution to insuring the trolling motor battery does not go dead when out to the sea!

Small and very good quality.Easy to install and promptly delivered.

Trolling motor batteries for 36v Ghost

The setup of 3 of these 12v 120AH batteries for my ghost trolling motor I believe will be my best setup of Abyss lithium’s. Have no installed yet, waiting on warmer weather. Great service so far. Will post another review once I hit the water fishing tournaments. Thanks Nick.

New Setup for 2023 521R Ranger

Very satisfied with service so far, have not installed battery yet. Waiting on warmer weather. Will wright a review on how the battery performs, once I start fishing tournaments. Thanks Nick for advice on the button on top of battery.

I like the compact setup. I purchased the 5ah and 10ah. They work well on my electric reels. Light weight with no bulking cords. They are especially great when using a railing rod. The batteries gives me a whole day usage.

Top quality

I love that the battery charger will charge the 36volt lithium battery and the two 12 volt lead acid batteries at the same time.

Top quality

I am very pleased with the sales and customer service I have received when making my pur hase. Ryan was very helpful.

Great product

Works great. I needed a second one for a multi day trip with drops over 1000 feet.

Works great on my Daiwa Seaborg 1200

This battery is Clutch when it comes to power and maneuverability exceeded my expectations, The convenience of not having a cord hindering your movement around the boat is great. I highly recommend the purchase of this deep drop battery.


Have not installed yet, but I am sure it will do the job for me. Will write review after install.

Very excited to charge my AGMs and Lithium batteries

This charger was a larger profile than the 4 bank Minn Kota that I was replacing. I had to relocate it, but that worked to my advantage. It is now easier to see the charge status. I connected to the batteries before changing the profiles. it defaults to lithium. I pulled the fuses from the AGM connections, changed the charging profiles, reconnected the fuses and -- ALL GOOD.

Very well made battery tray

I purchased two trays for my 150ah 12v group 31 batteries. I had a tight fit, but I really like the quality of these trays. Make sure you have room to square up the top and bottoms. The batteries are a perfect fit.

Fantastic Product!

Nick is passionate and knowledgeable about his batteries and products. Great experience. I find the batteries to last about 9-11 hours commercial red grouper fishing which is perfect, as they charge at night (same time I charge)

Five star

I finally found a battery that makes sense. Convenience, perfect for the offshore and deep drops while being light weight.

Battery Charger

I would like to thank Nic and the people that this company for the quality that they give you when you purchase stuff from them. The battery charger is easy to install and works great thank you 47 Freeman.

36V trolling motor battery lightweight, powerful and dependable

Been using the 60amp hour 36v abyss lithium battery in my boat and several customers boats for 3 years now. We took 188lbs out of the boat switching from older tech batteries and get more power from the trolling motor and the motor stays at full power all day long. The best battery for a trolling motor by a long shot.

Great customer service

Awesome battery

ABYSS® Electric Kite Reel Battery

Very impressed ! Well built battery ! Super professional customer service! We are glad to do business with Abyss!

Outstanding product for golf carts!

Amazed by the improved performance over traditional lead acid batteries!

3 bank charger

Fantastic product. Space saving all in one unit.

This charger is great

I decided to give this a try and boy I'm glad I did. Running from spot to spot, it tops off my 24v battery and after a day of fishing, its at 100 percent when I get to the ramp. I never have to use the plug in charger anymore.


What a beautiful piece of equipment. First class. Does a good job topping off my batteries too.