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Abyss Battery® offers free shipping and local delivery in Florida. We also offer Rhodan and Minn Kota trolling motor installation services with your purchase of a battery. Call (855) 719-1727 or email for a free quote or to schedule a date for your installation.


Abyss Battery offers a 30-day satisfaction money back guarantee. As long as you have the original packaging, have not used the battery, and it is not damaged or scratched, we will refund you for your order. You will be required to pay for shipping and handling cost inquired.


FedEx and UPS require you to be Hazmat trained and certified for shipping lithium ion batteries. If you do not have an open and active Hazmat account you will not be allowed to ship us your batteries with these carriers. Abyss Battery® will be required to arrange an LTL Freight shipment to return your batteries to us. The cost for these freight charges will be applied to a new invoice.

ABYSS (əˈ-bis) comes from the Greek word ábyssos meaning “Bottomless, Boundless, and Immeasurable”. The Unfathomable Depths of the Ocean are the world in which we are deeply rooted and from where we draw our name and our inspiration.

Phosphate-based batteries offer superior chemical and mechanical structure that does not overheat to unsafe levels. Thus, providing an increase in safety over lithium-ion batteries made with other cathode materials. This is because the charged and uncharged states of LiFePO4 are physically similar and highly robust, which lets the ions remain stable during the oxygen flux that happens alongside charge cycles or possible malfunctions. Overall, the iron phosphate-oxide bond is stronger than the cobalt-oxide bond, so when the battery is overcharged or subject to physical damage then the phosphate-oxide bond remains structurally stable; whereas in other lithium chemistries the bonds begin breaking down and releasing excessive heat, which eventually leads to thermal Runaway. Lithium phosphate cells are incombustible, which is an important feature in the event of mishandling during charging or discharging. They can also withstand harsh conditions, be it freezing cold, scorching heat or rough terrain. When subjected to hazardous events, such as collision or short-circuiting, they won’t explode or catch fire, significantly reducing any chance of harm. If you’re selecting a lithium battery and anticipate use in hazardous or unstable environments, LiFePO4 is likely your best choice. It’s also worth mentioning, LiFePO4 batteries are non-toxic, non-contaminating and contain no rare earth metals, making them an environmentally conscious choice.

Our LiFePO4 batteries feature M6, M8 or M10 terminals. These types of terminals are insert terminals, and come with bolts. The terminal and bolt sizes are metric and the numerical signifier is the dimension in mm. For example, the M8 terminal is 8mm in diameter. The bolts have coarse threads (1.25tpi). Longer bolts, if needed, can be found at most hardware stores.

Yes! The batteries are sealed and designed to handle being in a moist environment. All of our batteries have an IP65 water rating. Like any electronics, you should not submerge them in water, but they can handle it.

Abyss Batteries can be mounted in any orientation as long as the terminals are protected with a rubber terminal boot. Be sure that your desired mounting position is free from metal objects and obstructions that could potentially fall onto or pierce the battery pack.

Our lithium batteries can last anywhere from 5-10+ years depending on how you use and discharge your battery. Depth of discharge is how much power you consume out of the battery every time you use it. Laboratory data supports that:

@ 100% depth of discharge 2,000-2,500 Life cycles

80% depth of discharge 4,000-5,000 Life cycles.

50% depth of discharge 6,000-6,500 Life cycles.

30% depth of discharge 9,000-9,700

Our batteries allow for versatile charging and can be charged more than one way. For our 24V and 36V Trolling motor batteries the Power-pole® Charge is an excellent option for guides and tournament anglers. Other stealth chargers work, however you do need a 24V or a 36V charger to charge these specific batteries. Our 12V lithium batteries can be charged from a Alternator. Most factory alternators will sufficiently charge your batteries and do not require any changes. Most inverters work with our batteries. Select to AGM for the closest setting to lithium or have a custom voltage setting that can be programmed to optimize your lithium battery. Non lithium chargers should be used in the AGM setting. Bulk and absorption should be set between 14.4V and 14.6V. The float should be set to 13.6V. Our batteries allow you to use a standard battery charger, although a standard charger may not fully charge our lithium battery and you would not be able experience the battery at full capacity.

Many trolling motors can be used with 4 gauge wire, however the length of wire you need and the amperage of your motor can alter the size of wire you need. For example, if you need a longer length of wire, you’ll likely need a lower gauge and therefore thicker wire. We recommend using 6 gauge wire for installations that require 25ft' or more of length. Your trolling motor manufacturer should recommend the ideal awg size to use with your particular trolling motor.

You should not have to wake up your Battery when it dies. We highly recommend using Lithium Battery Chargers.

Abyss Battery® Marine Lithium Battery Chargers are specifically designed for our batteries and have a pulse wake-up feature mode to wake up your battery automatically if you totally drain your battery.

12 Volt

Bulk/absorb 14.2 – 14.6 Volts (we usually recommend 14.4) float 13.6 Volts or lower 

No equalization (or set it to 14.4 V), no temperature compensation and absorption time is 20-30 minutes per battery

24 Volt

Bulk/absorb 28.4 – 29.2 V (we usually recommend 28.8 V) float 27.2 Volts or lower 

36 Volt

Bulk/absorb 42.4– 43.2 V (we usually recommend 42.8V) float 41.2 Volts or lower 

Parallel connections involve connecting 2 or more batteries together to increase the capacity of the battery bank. In this case, the positive terminals are connected together and the negative terminals are connected together of all the batteries until you reach your desired capacity. Series connections involve connecting 2 or more batteries together to increase the voltage of the battery system. The positive of one battery is connected to the negative of another until the desired voltage is achieved. For example, if you connect 2 x 12V batteries in series, the battery system will be 24V.

Our batteries allow a charge rate of @0.5C for example 60 amps for each 120 Ah battery. For more than one battery, you can simply take the entire Ah of the bank and cut the number in half.

Yes! All Abyss 12-volt dual purpose batteries have a standard 1500 CCA and meet the standard requirements for cranking Mercury, Yamaha, and Suzuki Outboards. Our batteries can also sufficiently charge from your motors alternator without overcharging and shutting down.

Charging Temp: 0℃-55℃

Discharge Temp: -20℃-60℃

Storage Temp: -5℃-45℃

Uniform internal heating is an important feature of our cold-weather performance batteries, as many external heating blanket options currently available cannot sense the internal temperature of the cells and may not be completely effective at heating the battery throughout. The system features proprietary technology that draws power from the charger itself, requiring no additional components. The entire process of heating and charging is completely seamless. Simply plug the battery into the regular lithium charger and the internal heating and monitoring system takes care of the rest.

Circuit breakers tend to be categorized according to the capacity of the trolling motor installed in your boat. For example, if your trolling motor draws a maximum current of 60 amperes, then you can install a 60 amp circuit breaker for trolling motors. Some of the distinguishing factors you need to consider before buying a circuit breaker for your motor include:

-The motor thrust or model

-The maximum ampere draw for your motor

-The VDC capacity

-The length of the wire extension

50 Amp Circuit Breaker for Trolling Motor:

A 50 amp circuit breaker can be used for many different types of trolling motors. There are 4 different types of 50 amp circuit breakers available. These include:

50 Amp Circuit Breaker(12 VDC) – This circuit breaker can be used for 30 lb., 40 lb., and 45 lb. trolling motors. The maximum ampere draw for these motors is 30 amperes and 42 amperes.

50 Amp Circuit Breaker (24 VDC) –This circuit breaker can be used for a 70 lb. trolling motor. The maximum ampere draw for this motor is 42 amperes.

50 Amp Circuit Breaker (36 VDC) –This circuit breaker can be used for a 101 lb. trolling motor. The maximum ampere draw for this motor is 46 amperes.

50 Amp Circuit Breaker (48 VDC) –This circuit breaker can be used for an E-Drive motor. The maximum ampere draw for these motors is 40 amperes.

60 Amp Circuit Breaker for Trolling Motor:

Like the 50 amp circuit breaker, there are many different kinds of 60 amp circuit breakers available as well. These include:

60 Amp Circuit Breaker (12 VDC) – This circuit breaker can be used for 50 lb. and 55 lb. trolling motors. The maximum ampere draw for these motors is 50 amperes.

60 Amp Circuit Breaker (24 VDC) –This circuit breaker can be used for a 80 lb. trolling motor. The maximum ampere draw for this motor is 56 amperes.

60 Amp Circuit Breaker (36 VDC) –This circuit breaker can be used for an Engine Mount 101 trolling motor, as well as a 112lb. trolling motor. The maximum ampere draw for these motors is 50 amperes and 52 amperes.

2 x 60 Amp Circuit Breaker (24 VDC) – This type involves 2 circuit breakers that can be used for an Engine Mount 160 motor. The maximum ampere draw for this motor is 116 amperes. Together, the circuit breakers provide a capacity to bear a power surge of 120 amperes. This setup is recommended by the manufacturer of this specific motor.

Only increases
the voltage of the systemㅤ

Batteries in series

Series connections are made by connecting

two or more batteries together to increase

their voltage, but not capacity.

Increases amp hour capacity onlyㅤㅤ

batteries in

When connecting batteries in parallel,

you add their amp hours together but

keep the voltage constant.

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