ABYSS (əˈ-bis) comes from the Greek word ábyssos meaning “Bottomless, Boundless, and Immeasurable”. The Unfathomable Depths of the Ocean are the world in which we are deeply rooted and from where we draw our name and our inspiration. 

Our Mission

A successful organization is one that improves its efficiency through innovation. We know you want to be ready for anything, and that's why Abyss batteries are designed with your needs in mind. As a company, we believe in giving you the most reliable and intuitive power solutions. Life is all about the pursuit of happiness, and as such we want you to be prepared for it.

Our Vision

We believe in taking a fresh approach that will empower people with the best possible battery experience. We are designing new ways of thinking about batteries so they can be there when you need them - without worrying how or where they'll charge next. 

Our Promise

Abyss guarantees quality and performance in each of our individual products. If a battery doesn’t work for you after the purchase or if there’s any issue at all, please let us know because customer satisfaction means everything to us.


Abyss Battery® strives to make the safest and most reliable lithium iron phosphate batteries for the most demanding environments, that’s why our batteries are only made with certified components and used in applications around the world. All Abyss Lithium batteries conform to the standard entities and regulations listed below.

 We only use cells listed with UL standards entities. QUALITY AND ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS (ISO Certified) ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System IEC/UL 62133IEC62133 certifications and additional laboratory services are available as required by our OEM clients.

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Endless Exploration Begins In The Abyss

Abyss, derived from the Greek word ábyssos, meaning bottomless, unfathomable, and boundless, is the core of Abyss Battery and where the origins of our name is from. Just as the ocean depth is immeasurable with many stories untold, so is our navigation of it. Our inspiration is drawn from the abyss, which is why we remain committed to the exploration of delivering the highest quality and innovative batteries for all your adventures.   

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Adaptation and evolution are the foundation of Abyss Battery, much like the organisms found at the seafloor or the Abyssopelagic zone — the deepest, remotest layer of the ocean. This is the space where innovation occurs because of the unique challenges that have to be overcome. The mission of Abyss Battery is to power your pursuit and plunge to new depths with the reliability and initiative power solutions that only come from Abyss batteries. 

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Abyss Battery delivers the best battery experience possible to empower people to get out and explore, without having to worry about where they’ll get their next charge. We’re constantly improving our battery design, for a confidence our customers can rely on with each and every outing. The promise of Abyss Battery is that we value our customers and always put you first, so if you encounter any issues, we’ll make it right — your satisfaction means everything to us. 

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From lithium trolling motor batteries and marine lithium batteries to electric fishing reel batteries and OEM solutions, no matter the depths you’ll explore, you can always rely on Abyss Battery to power your pursuit. 

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