Custom Built Lithium Battery Solutions

Don't see what you're looking for? Not to worry, Abyss Battery® offers custom battery designs that can be completely tailored to your needs. Our friendly team of experienced engineers can manifest energy requirements of any size, voltage, and capacity for your specific application.

If you're tired of trying to find a battery that fits your specific needs and requirements, you've come to the right place. Abyss Battery offers custom lithium batteries, so you can get the battery you need right when you need it. In general, lithium batteries are much safer and provide more benefits than traditional lead-acid batteries. They're lightweight, fast-charging, long-lasting, and temperature-tolerant. Pair that with being custom-built, and our batteries just can't be beaten. Custom lithium batteries are incredibly useful when you need to prioritize performance or have particular weight and sizing needs. No matter what you need your battery for, our engineers are up to the challenge and will provide you with exactly what you need.



Custom Built Lithium Battery

To start your project, please fill out our questionnaire. In order for us to further assist, provide us with the following specifications and information below:

  1. Weight / Dimensions ( L x W x H )*
  2. Capacity / Amp Hours (Expected Run Time)*
  3. Voltage*
  4. Watts = Volts x Amps*
  5. Cold Cranking Amps ( Starting )* / ( Dual-Purpose )*
  6. Energy requirements*
  7. Operation temperature range ( Cold Weather Performance )*
  8. Communication and monitoring requirements ( NMEA 2000, CAN )*
  9. Application ( Marine, Aviation, Powersport, EV, RV, UTV )* 
  10. Charging method ( Solar, Inverter / Charger )* 

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The Abyss Battery® team is always striving to push the boundaries
 of battery technology.

We offer game changing features that can unlock your true potential
for energy storage in any application you can think about!

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