Who We Are

Abyss Battery is a company that manufactures and designs

marine lithium batteries for fishing enthusiasts.

We have been revolutionizing the marine battery industry by

designing and manufacturing innovative, high-performance

marine lithium batteries with the perfect balance of power,

reliability, durability, weight, size and cost to meet your needs

on the water without sacrificing any one factor.

The team at Abyss

Battery is driven by

innovation as well

as customer

service excellence.

Our team's mission is to provide captains, anglers, and saltwater fishing guides

with an affordable solution that will fuel their passion in pursuit of their sport.

Abyss Battery company's goal is to provide consumers with the highest quality battery

at a fair price, while making their customers feel valued through excellent customer service.

This philosophy has led to success for Abyss Battery over the years, which can be attributed to its

commitment to providing exceptional customer service from start-to-finish—from professional battery

installation, help with warranty claims, and product questions; all of these are available at no additional charge.

Meet Our Team

Where we’re from & what we do.


Nicholas Vasilaros

Hailing from the vibrant shores of Clearwater, Florida, Nicholas Vasilaros is the visionary founder and CEO behind our groundbreaking ABYSS Product line. With a journey that began amidst his high school years, Nicholas has been at the forefront of lithium battery technology for over a decade, carving a niche for ABYSS in the marine industry with unparalleled innovation.

A testament to his dedication and expertise, Nicholas has been instrumental in addressing the critical void in marine battery technology. His pioneering work has led to the creation of the most advanced marine battery technology available today, specifically designed to enhance the reliability and performance of offshore fishing vessels.

Nicholas's academic background is as impressive as his professional achievements. By the age of 18, he had already earned his captain's license, all while pursuing an academically rigorous path in physics at the University of Tampa, complemented by minors in chemistry and biology. This solid foundation has not only fueled his passion for the marine world but also informed his innovative approach to product development.

Growing up immersed in the world of boating and competitive tournament fishing, Nicholas's deep-rooted connection to the sea has driven him to perfect marine battery solutions that meet the exacting demands of life offshore. His passion for fishing and the outdoors is matched by his commitment to excellence and innovation in business.

Beyond his identity as a seasoned fisherman, Nicholas stands as a dynamic entrepreneur with a competitive edge. His dedication extends beyond the open waters into the realm of business, where he is constantly seeking to revolutionize the boating experience through the development of cutting-edge products.

At the helm of our company, Nicholas leads with a blend of technical expertise, visionary leadership, and an unwavering passion for both the marine environment and the technological advancements that enhance our interaction with it. Under his guidance, ABYSS is not just changing the landscape of marine battery technology; it's setting a new standard for excellence and innovation in the industry.


Ryan Wiggins

Ryan Wiggins is a man of many talents. He is truly passionate about the work he does here at Abyss Battery. "Making the best Marine Grade Lithium Batteries in North America!"

Ryan grew up around the ocean and has been diving since he was 11 years old. He served in the Navy during OIF/OEF and deployed four times as an underwater mine warfare specialist and “gun captain”. When he exited the Navy, he took a job as a robotics technician and worked with micro-circuitry before getting bored and going back to college for gunsmithing.

Ryan successfully managed the busiest gunsmithing shop in Arizona and found a passion for competitive shooting. He traveled around the country for four years competing at a professional level before moving to Florida and rekindling his love for the ocean as a Dive Instructor. Before working at Abyss Battery, he was the Dive Team Supervisor at a famous aquarium, specializing in rescuing and rehabilitation of marine animals.

Ryan's easy-going demeanor, love for sharks, and cool dog named Doug make him a favorite among customers. But it's his dedication to customer service that really sets him apart. Ryan always puts the needs of others first, ensuring that each and every one of his customers is taken care of.


Alex Gibbons

Alex Gibbons is our Warehouse Shipping and Logistics Manager. Alex is responsible for ensuring all products are shipped out on time, managing our inventory, and coordinating with our vendors.

As Shipping and logistics Manger, Alex is the heart of this company, always making sure customers are taken care of and products are delivered. Thanks to Alex, the company runs like a well-oiled machine!

Alex has always been studious and smart, qualities which have helped him excel in this role.
But what really sets Alex apart is his passion for hockey. Growing up, he was very good at it and loved playing.

This passion for competition and winning drives Alex to be the best Shipping and logistics Manger possible.


Maria Sturdivant

Maria Sturdivant is an amazing woman who is compassionate and puts others first before herself.

When Nick started his company she was there from the start, helping with everything she could in her free time.

Behind any successful company is a lot of work, and Maria is one of the many unsung heroes who helps push our owner to be the best he can be.

In addition to being supportive, Maria is also a Physician Assistant pursuing her dream of helping people as an assistant to a Doctor.

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