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Trolling Motor Lithium Batteries

In the dynamic world of lithium batteries, it's a sea of sameness, but not at Abyss Batteries. We don't just ride the wave; we make it. Our lithium trolling motor batteries aren't just batteries; they're your unyielding partners at sea, offering unmatched capacity and amp-hours, all in a sleek, compact design that never sacrifices performance.

Our batteries are more than just energy sources; they're smart, thanks to integrated, pre-configured artificial intelligence. They don't just power your journey; they learn from it. Every charge, every discharge, they're picking up on your unique usage patterns, evolving and adapting to various operational conditions. This means they get better with age, like a fine wine or a seasoned captain. For boat owners, captains, and the pros casting their lines in high-stakes tournaments, our marine lithium batteries are more than a choice; they're a game-changer.

They promise remarkable adaptability and enduring efficiency, making Abyss batteries the go-to gear for any serious tournament angler. We're not just setting the bar for lithium batteries in the marine industry; we're continually raising it. Join the Abyss Batteries fleet, and experience the difference in power, intelligence, and performance that's leagues ahead of the rest.

Selecting the Ideal Battery for Your Boat: A Guide to Navigating the Diverse Market Options with Precision and Ease.


Think of amp hours (Ah) as the capacity of your boat's fuel tank, but for electrical energy. Higher amp hours mean your boat can run longer on a single charge, ensuring extended enjoyment and reliability on the water. More amp hours = More run time!

For inshore boats ranging from 16'ft to 24'ft, and casual fishing trips of around 4-5 hours, our 24V 60Ah Group 24 battery is perfect for you lifestyle needs. For the avid angler, tournament participant, or fishing guide spending over 6 hours, we recommend our 24V 75Ah Group 31 Battery or 24V 100Ah Group 49 setup. Remember, the higher the amp hours, the longer your run time.

Our 36V60Ah lithium battery is a popular choice, with successful installations on over 150 types of center-console boats, ensuring over 8+ hours of runtime for boats up to 34ft in calm conditions. For larger boats or those needing all-day power in 2'-4' seas, our 36V72Ah or 36V105Ah systems are recommended. We've designed these three tiers to cater to different needs and conditions, ensuring you get the most out of your trolling motor system.

Charging Solutions for 24V and 36V Trolling Motor Batteries:

For those navigating with our robust 24V battery systems, we offer tailored charging solutions to match your energy needs. Choose from our efficient 24V 10A charger, perfectly suited for our 24V 60Ah and 24V 75Ah batteries, or upgrade to the more powerful 24V 20A charger, designed specifically for our 24V 100Ah battery. These options ensure your battery is charged quickly and ready for your next adventure.

Similarly, our 36V lithium trolling motor batteries benefit from specialized charging options. The 36V 10A charger is ideal for our 36V 60Ah and 72Ah batteries, while the more robust 36V 20A charger is crafted for the demanding energy needs of our 36V 105Ah battery.

Why Choose ABYSS Chargers? While there are other compatible chargers in the market, such as Stealth I Charging and Power Pole CHARGE®, which operate harmoniously with ABYSS batteries, we strongly advocate for the use of our bespoke Lithium onboard marine chargers. Engineered with precision, our chargers are programmed to optimally charge ABYSS batteries, ensuring efficiency and extending the lifecycle of your investment.

Our marine lithium battery chargers are not just about power; they are about protection and longevity. Each charger is equipped with advanced safety features and a pulse wake-up mode. This innovative function is designed to re-energize your battery from full discharge or protection mode, seamlessly bringing it back to life. Coupled with an IP68 waterproof rating, our chargers deliver unparalleled reliability and durability, even in the most demanding marine environments.