Costa Custom Boat Works with Abyss Lithium Marine batteries.

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Abyss Lithium Marine Batteries

Boat Owners Trust Abyss Battery®

Want to enjoy boating without worrying about batteries? Now you can with the most powerful and safest deep cycle batteries for boats. Our Marine Lithium Batteries are available in a wide range of voltages and capacities. The innovative design process we put in place for our products has resulted not only superior performance, but an unparalleled user experience as well, Get the most from your boat's electrical system!

Freeman Boat Works

Rhodan trolling motor, and abyss 36V lithium battery installation on a 37 Freeman center console catamaran in South Carolina.

Rhodan HD GPS Anchor+® Trolling Motor

With a single battery, you can enjoy hours on end of high efficiency power with an Abyss Battery®. The Rhodan trolling motor is designed for this type of system and will provide the best performance possible!

Lithium marine battery installation for boats and trolling motors.

Space is No Longer a Limitation

The Abyss Battery® 36v60ah high capacity deep cycle lithium trolling motor battery provides long lasting power that will last all day off one charge.

Freeman Boats with the Abyss Battery®

Our lithium batteries are saltwater tested and designed to perform, All Abyss Batteries will power your boat through rough waters and conditions with ease.

Yellowfin Yachts

Spot Lock & Drop It

Throw away that anchor! When you find a spot where the fish are biting, all it takes is one press of an button and the GPS Guided Trolling Motor will automatically keep bow within just several feet from your fishing spot.

Abyss 36V lithium trolling motor battery installation on a 36' Yellowfin center console offshore fishing boat.

Easy Integration

We've designed the perfect boat battery for your trolling motor. Our single, high-power cell solution with a group 31 form factor will be easy to install on any vessel! Upgrade today and take your offshore fishing experience up another notch or two.

Yellowfin Boats With Abyss Battery®

The Abyss 36V60Ah is a great choice for most anglers, it's been reliable to Last for Over 8+ hours on this 39ft' Yellowfin! Depending on what kind of conditions you're riding in, as well size and weight of your boat - run time will vary accordingly.

SeaVee Boats

Offshore Anchoring Specialists

With a GPS guided and wireless controlled trolling motor, you can fish more effectively.

Plug + Play

You can mount our batteries anywhere with an IP65-Waterproof Rating, rest assured knowing your Abyss Battery® will be protected from salt spray and hold up to corrosion.

SeaVee Boats With Abyss Battery®

The installation results from equipping this 32'ft Seavee had the boat owner astounded when he discovered that the battery Lasts for Over 10+ hours in 2-3'ft sea conditions.

Onslow Bay Boats

Improve Speed, and Fuel Effeciency

Imagine a world where you can take your boat out on the water and not have to worry about running low on power. With our single 36V lithium battery, there's no more worrying because it'll never happen! -just switch over today for an affordable price that offers peace-of mind when boating.

Drop In Replacement

With our single lithium battery, you can shed hundreds of pounds by switching to a more fuel efficient and powerful Abyss Battery®. You'll also be able to double your run time and have faster charging with our battery features!

Onslow Bay Boats With Abyss Battery®

The fisherman was thrilled to find that his new battery lasts 10+ hours before needing recharging, and it's much lighter than the older models he had been using!

Sea Hunt Boats

Lead is Dead

With the rise in popularity, many new boat manufactures are including lithium batteries as standard. There's a reason for this - because it offers so Many performance benefits!

Seamless Installation

We don't want you to have any excuses for not installing a new battery in your rig! Our innovative lithium batteries make installations much easier compared with other types of AGMs and traditional lead acid. When the Sea Hunt center-console was installed, it came with ample seating room for one battery. 

Sea Hunt Boats With Abyss Battery®

The single group 31 battery was easily fitted where there wasn't any extra space available. The boat owner was thrilled and very pleased with how the Abyss Battery® installed seamlessly, and how it fit in perfectly!

Jupiter Marine

Why Wait? Upgrade Today!

The day you get to fully enjoy your boat and its trolling motor is coming soon. Get ready for more catches with a fresh set of batteries!

Endless Exploration Begins In The Abyss

Our inspiration is drawn from the Abyss, which is why we remain committed to the exploration of delivering the highest quality and innovative batteries for all your adventures.   

Jupiter Marine With Abyss Battery®

The relationship between Rhodan and Abyss Battery® is a perfect example of how two local companies can come together to create something greater than what either company could do alone.

Yellowfin Hybrid

before and after lithium marine battery upgrade on  yellowfin 26 hybrid.

Before: 12V AGM ODESSEY Batteries

Weighing 57lbs each, ODESSEY 12V AGM batteries are an outdated alternative for boaters and avid anglers who want to save weight in their vessel's power plant- but at what price? The more costly maintenance requirements will eat up any savings you may have made when compared with newer technologies like Lithium Ion or Lead Acid technology which offer better performance while being easier on your wallet!

36-volt trolling motor lithium battery.

After: 36-Volt Trolling Motor Lithium Battery

The pros of our 36v lithium option far outweigh the cons. The Abyss 36V72Ah is the perfect choice for people looking to take their boat out on a adventure. This battery can provide over 10 hours of spot lock anchoring without needing any charge at all, and because it only weighs 51lbs you won't even feel like your carrying around extra weight while enjoying yourself!

yellowfin hybrid lithium battery upgrade installation.

Yellowfin 26 Hybrid Performance Upgrade

Customers who upgrade to a single 36 volt abyss lithium marine trolling motor battery can enjoy reduced weight, improved fuel efficiency and top end speed. upgrading has also provided these customers with longer runtimes for their 26ft yellowfin hybrid boat!