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When you make the best marine batteries in the world, you want the best dealers behind them. That’s why we make sure ABYSS® Authorized Dealers are the best equipped to sell and service our products. And with hundereds of dealers around the globe, you can rest assured we’re always close by and ready to help you Power Your Pursuit


Abyss Battery is a leading provider of lithium batteries for marine dealers and boat builders across the United States.

We don't just make batteries here - we forge partnerships and form strong relationships with our customers.

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Our continuous drive to innovate and make our products even better is why boaters love and choose us.

Boat manufacturers trust Abyss because they know our products are reliable, durable, long-lasting and feature cutting edge technology that will improve their customers boating experience.


Take advantage by using an Abyss battery on your next build or simply offer it as an optional upgrade when customers purchase new boats!

Fill out our dealer application form if you're interested in learning more about our products and dealer pricing.

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Made up of nearly 250+ marine dealers and distributors nationwide, our strong dealer network

is one of Abyss' strategic advantages. We believe in building long-­term partnerships with our

dealers and we seek out those who believe in providing exceptional customer service.


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We're excited to see you taking an interest in our lithium marine batteries. This dealer application is for OEM boat manufactures and marine dealers seeking to join our distributor network.

Once you're finished please email the new dealer inquiry form to your submission will be reviewed by one of the team members here at Abyss Battery once all required fields are completed; it shouldn't take more than 5-10 minutes max from start
(or click!) till finish.ㅤ

Dealer Support Includes

Profitable Abyss Battery Sales & Installation service
Easy 24/7 factory 
direct ordering
No minimum
 stocking requirement
Free Demos and
battery rack display


 Asked Questions

1. Must be in the marine business with verified trade references.

2. We require you to provide your government issued business license and federal tax ID.

Complete the New Dealer Inquiry Form. One of our Dealer Development Specialists will contact you shortly.

Your Dealer Development Specialist will walk you through initial start­up costs. These costs vary based on the product lines desired. Initial start­up costs include service tools, branding, and training.

Potentially, yes. Dealer Development will conduct an analysis of the competitive environment and determine if a multiple brand store is an option in your market.

Don't take our word for it

I run a 22' ft Yellowfin hybrid with a 112lb 36 Volt Minn Kota trolling motor. I fished the 36V60Ah Abyss for 7 days in the Louisiana marsh and could not kill it while pre-fishing for the 2020 IFA Championship Redfish Tour. On tournament day the wind blew 20-30mph and I was heavy on the trolling motor the entire time. I never worried about losing the trolling motor and I only had to charge t...

Jimmy Adams - Professional Tournament Angler

Sarasota, FL

These Abyss Lithium batteries are Legit! I know a lot of anglers that have been on the Lithium train for a while now, but it took me a while to get on board. I am now a believer! My Abyss 36V lithium battery had my Minn Kota 112 Terrova running stronger and smoother than it ever has, and my trolling motor is only a year old. Ran it hard for 9 hours in 15-20 mph winds and never lost ANY power...

Mike Roper - Professional Tournament Angler

Gainesville, FL

I'm an inshore/offshore guide out of Anclote. I use my trolling motor more than anything. I wasn't sure about switching to lithium because of the price, but I was due for some new batteries and I figured you can't beat the extended warranty. The advantages of having one battery over three increased my fuel burn in my shoal water from 2.1 mpg to 2.4 mpg. Not only that but I gained just over 2...

Capt. Travis Paxton

Tarpon Springs, FL

The Moment getting done talking to Nick about his company, Abyss Battery. I knew that being on the water everyday I had to make the change. I grind everyday for a living and it takes a toll on my gear. It takes a beating, especially my batteries. The true factor on getting you out on the water as well as making sure you get back home without having any battery problems. I run a Rhodan marine...

Capt. Martin Lane

St. Petersburg, FL

I have worked with this company first hand, as a nation wide marine service company, since the inception.The push to produce the highest quality product, the complete dedication to customer service and growth, personable communication, it's all been far more than I expected. Our standards at my marine company are very high. Abyss has gone above and beyond.You want a battery with a company wh...
Lithium marine battery and trolling motor installation services.

Capt. Ryan Hein - There She Glows Lighting and Marine Service

Largo, FL



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The Abyss Battery® team is always striving to push the boundaries 
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From lithium trolling motor batteries and marine lithium batteries to electric fishing reel batteries 
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