24V vs. 36V Trolling Batteries: Which Is Right for You?

24V vs. 36V Trolling Batteries: Which Is Right for You?

Are you looking to buy a new battery for your trolling motor but can’t decide which is the right one for you? Learn more about 24V and 36V trolling batteries and figure out which is right for you in our comparison.

What Is a Trolling Battery?

If you’re not familiar, a trolling battery is a battery unit specifically for trolling motors. A trolling motor is an individual power unit that contains an electric motor, propellor, and propellor controls and is often mounted on the stern of a boat.

Anglers most commonly use trolling motors as they allow them to maneuver their boats and fight against the wind and current without using their primary motor or anchor. Naturally, these motors need batteries. 12V, 24V, and 36V trolling batteries are the most common, but which is better?

24V Trolling Batteries

The voltage of a 24-volt trolling battery refers to amperage and the thrust the battery can provide to the motor, measured in pounds. As anyone could guess, a 24V battery will offer greater thrust than a 12V battery but not as much as a 36V unit.

The higher voltage also means that the battery offers a more significant runtime—an important consideration for those who need to use their trolling battery for those marathon fishing voyages! 24V trolling batteries are typically best for smaller to medium-sized boats as they offer an average runtime and thrust capacity of about 50 pounds.

36V Trolling Batteries

The 36-volt trolling battery is obviously more powerful than the 24V and has a longer runtime than its counterpart. A 36V trolling battery provides over 100 pounds of thrust and is ideal for medium-sized and larger vessels.

But that extra power and runtime come at a cost as a 36V battery is more expensive than a 24V. It’s an appropriate trolling battery for medium-sized boats as it can sufficiently maneuver them under difficult conditions.

Which Is Right for You?

Deciding which trolling motor is suitable for you depends on your boat, your budget, and the conditions in which you plan on using the motor. A 36V trolling battery may be nice if you have a small boat, but you likely won’t need that much power to sufficiently maneuver the vessel.

But if your boat is on the larger side and you frequent rivers and lakes with strong currents and tricky conditions, you may need all the power that the 36V provides. If you’re still unsure, feel free to contact us at Abyss Battery, where we can more thoroughly break down the difference between a 24V and 36V trolling battery and help figure out which is right for you and your boat!

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