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3 Reasons: Why You Should Switch Over to Lithium Batteries

with all of the awe and wonder of the world waiting to be explored, more people than ever before are feeling the pull to get outside and see what awaits them outside their windows. We have entered into a ‘new normal’ in which people are able to manage jobs and businesses right from their phones or laptop, renewing a sense of adventure to hit the road or sail the open seas.

The problem is that a lot of the existing battery infrastructure is not made with a technologically cutting-edge design, making it hard to live a lifestyle that is now within reach. That’s why more people than ever before are looking into the different batteries available to them, while comparing the pros and cons. Lithium batteries wield considerable advantages over conventional wet lead acid, AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat), and marine deep cycle batteries that have commanded significant control over the market for the last few years. 

3 of the most important advantages to consider for your trips or travels below:

1. Longer Lasting Power: While a typical setup for a 36-volt trolling motor is to be backed up to three 12-volt marine batteries, a lithium battery can singularly power a trolling motor and run at the same speed, twice as long, as the three conventional 100AH marine batteries. Additionally, conventional marine batteries lose voltage when they are drained, which can lower the thrust in the trolling motor.

As they are down to the 50% mark, they are then unable to produce the voltage needed to power the motor – even with 50% of their power left! But, as lithium batteries are drained down, they do not lose voltage, and can be drained to nearly the 100% mark before a similar phenomenon takes place.

2. As mentioned, when a marine battery hits that 50% mark, it cannot be charged back up to its full strength. A lithium boat battery, however, can be recharged to its full strength with effortlessness. In fact, the lithium battery for boats option can be discharged and charged five or more times than its alternative, which makes it a longer lasting and more reliable, reusable battery option.

3. Lighter in Weight: The conventional setup not only accounts for already-heavy batteries, but it also requires three of them to make it happen. A lithium battery weighs half of a conventional deep cycle marine battery and are able to charge in a fraction of the time. One lithium battery can power livewells, five graphs, and a radio for the entire day, without the added weight and nuisance for the owner.

While most companies offer three 12V Group 31 or Group 24 batteries in their arrangement, here at Abyss Battery, we offer a single 36V battery to get the job done. Weighing just 30 pounds while the alternative is 75 pounds, each, for a total of 225 pounds, the agile, enhanced performance of an Abyss lithium battery is untouched.

The Abyss 36V Lithium Trolling Motor Battery is a great way to take your boating experience to the next level. This battery will optimize storage space, charge faster, and optimally give you more time out on the water. 


We Want to hear your thoughts on the benefits of Abyss Lithium Trolling Motor Batteries. Do you have any other questions about our products? Is there an aspect of these 36V batteries that you’d like us to cover in more detail? We are always happy to answer all your queries and provide excellent customer service, so please feel free to contact us at 855-719-1727 or send an email with your question(s) right here!