3 Ways To Safely Clean a Trolling Motor Battery

3 Ways To Safely Clean a Trolling Motor Battery

Keeping your boat anchored can be tough, especially if it’s windy or you’re on a fast current. Trolling motors are designed to deliver an auxiliary power source capable of running efficiently and maintaining your position.

It’s essential to ensure your troller has enough juice to run for the duration of your trip. Since it operates for long hours, it’s important to keep the cell clean. Here are four ways to safely clean a trolling motor battery.

Remove Terminals From Posts

The first thing you should do is remove your trolling motor battery from the posts. Carefully unbolt the wires and lift them, starting with the negative connector. Avoid creating a bridge between the two terminals with your tool. Otherwise, you’ll see a shower of sparks.

While you’re working on the battery, check for any signs of corrosion, rust, or cracks in the casing. A degrading cell can result in leaking fluid, which can cause physical harm due to the presence of sulfuric acid. If you are exposed to chemicals while working, wash off the exposed area and seek medical attention immediately.

Ensure the Cell Is Dry

Next, you’ll want to ensure your trolling motor battery is completely dry. Attempting to charge a wet cell can affect the current running between the terminals, potentially damaging the unit. Water can also dilute the electrolytes in the casing and reduce the battery’s output.

If the cell is exposed to too much moisture, it could be completely ruined. Shorts, corrosion, and other problems can permanently damage the battery. Storing it in a waterproof compartment during operation is the best way to protect it and ensure it lasts.

Clean the Battery

You can begin maintenance once you’re sure your trolling motor battery is dry. Use a rag to wipe the battery casing clean. If you see a significant amount of corrosion, you can use a mixture of water and baking soda to loosen it. Then, scrub it with a wire brush.

Keeping trolling motor batteries clean and free of debris is the best way to ensure they last a long time. Fill the cell if it’s low on electrolyte fluid to ensure it can keep a charge. Reconnect the terminals, positive first, and apply a coat of petroleum jelly if necessary to improve the contact.

Keep Your Boat Running for the Duration of Your Trip

Trolling motors are essential for getting your boat into the ideal position. If your battery dies, you’ll be at the mercy of the currents. Learning the best ways to safely clean a trolling motor battery will help you prepare for a long day on the water.

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