Abyss Battery Powers Victory in P1 Offshore Racing!

Abyss Battery Powers Victory in P1 Offshore Racing!

Abyss Battery is proud to announce our sponsorship of P1 Offshore, a premier international promoter of powerboat and personal watercraft racing. Founded in 2002, P1 Offshore has hosted over 600 races across 18 countries on four continents, cementing its position as a leading marine motorsport brand. With headquarters in both London and Orlando, P1 Offshore has maintained a close relationship with the Union Internationale Motonautique (UIM) for nearly two decades and is a proud member of the American Power Boat Association (APBA).

Sponsoring Excellence: DFyoung and Goodboy Vodka Boat

We are thrilled to highlight our sponsorship of the DFyoung and Goodboy Vodka boat, which recently participated in the P1 Offshore race in Cocoa Beach. Equipped with our high-performance Abyss Batteries, the boat achieved an outstanding victory, securing 1st place in its debut race!

The Power Behind the Win

Our lithium iron phosphate batteries provided the DFyoung and Goodboy Vodka boat with unmatched power and reliability, demonstrating the cutting-edge technology and superior performance that Abyss Battery is known for. This victory not only showcases the boat's impressive capabilities but also underscores the critical role of our batteries in high-stakes competitive environments.

Commitment to Marine Motorsport

Abyss Battery's involvement in P1 Offshore reflects our commitment to innovation and excellence in marine motorsport. By supporting top-tier teams and events, we aim to drive advancements in battery technology and promote the thrilling world of powerboat racing.

Join the Winning Team

Stay tuned for more updates on our partnerships and achievements in the exciting realm of marine motorsport. Follow Abyss Battery on social media for the latest news, race highlights, and insights into how our batteries are powering the future of boating.

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