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Everything You Need To Know About 36V Trolling Batteries

Everything You Need To Know About 36V Trolling Batteries

Are you looking to learn more about 36V trolling batteries? You’ve come to the right place. We’re going to explain everything you need to know about 36V trolling batteries, including how they differ from 12V batteries.

What Is a Trolling Battery?

First, we’ll start with the simplest question: what is a trolling battery? A trolling battery is for marine trolling motors—small, independent motors and propellors on fishing boats that anglers use to maneuver and control their boat.

Anglers love trolling motors for their fishing boats because they’re easy to use and much quieter than the main propellor, so they don’t scare off nearby fish. But trolling motors need a separate battery, which is where trolling batteries come in.

The Basics of a 36V Trolling Motor Battery

For 36V trolling motor battery systems, boaters have two options: one 36V battery unit or a series of three 12V batteries all hooked up to one another. Within the 36V trolling battery are also more options depending on the amp hour (Ah), the amount of energy charged in a battery that enables one ampere of current to flow for one hour. We have 60Ah, 72Ah, and 105Ah 36V battery units at Abyss Battery.

Not every boat and trolling motor requires a 36V battery system, though. The 36V battery system is typically reserved for larger fishing boats and those that operate under adverse weather conditions and temperatures. If you have a small fishing vessel you only use on idyllic weather days, you likely only need a 12V trolling motor battery.

36V vs. 12V Trolling Batteries

As we discussed, the two options for boaters who need a 36V battery system are one 36V battery or a series of 12V trolling batteries. What’s the difference between these two options, and which is better for your trolling motor?

We’ll compare these two trolling motor battery systems to give you an idea of how the 36V battery differs from others.


First, there’s obviously going to be a difference when installing one 36V battery versus three 12V batteries. Instead of hooking up a series of 12V batteries through multiple cables and connection points, boaters only have to worry about one set of cables and connections. So, there’s less opportunity to make a mistake.

Installing one 36V battery for a trolling motor is relatively straightforward. Just plug it in like any other battery, and it’s ready to go. Installing a series of 12V batteries isn’t overly challenging, but it will take more time and effort.


Another point to consider for boaters and anglers deciding between 36V and 12V batteries is how common each unit is. While at Abyss battery, we have plenty of 12V and 36V batteries, in general, it’s much easier to find 12V batteries at local stores.

And since the batteries are easier to find, it’s also easier to find chargers and other equipment, as well as installation help and battery services. But, as we said, if you shop at Abyss Battery, we have everything you need for either battery system you choose.


One clear difference between installing a 36V battery instead of multiple 12V batteries is that it will save a lot of space on the boat. A 36V battery is bigger than a typical 12V battery, but it still takes up much less space than three smaller batteries.

On boats and fishing vessels tight on space, every inch counts, and every inch you save by using one 36V battery can be put to better use for storage and supplies.


Another key difference between these battery systems is their charging capability and ease. For one, as we discussed, 12V batteries are more common, so their chargers are more readily available.

While 36V batteries and chargers certainly aren’t rare, boaters are more likely to find 12V batteries at a regular marine or hardware store if needed. And, with a series of 12V batteries, boaters can charge each battery individually if needed. Again, this isn’t a problem for Abyss Battery as we have plenty of batteries and chargers of each kind available and ready to deliver.


The reliability of 36V and 12V batteries can go either way—a 36V battery has fewer connections and ways things can go wrong. But if one 12V battery malfunctions in a set of three, the two other batteries will prevent the whole system from going down.

Obviously, if a 36V battery has a problem, the whole system will go down. Ultimately, it’ll come down to your preferences, but whichever you choose, you can find everything you need to get your trolling motor battery system up and running at Abyss Battery!

Why You Should Consider Lithium Batteries for Your Trolling Motor

When choosing trolling motor batteries, boaters have two options—the conventional lead-acid unit or a lithium-ion battery. We specialize in lithium-ion batteries at Abyss Battery and can show you why a 36V lithium trolling motor battery is the better option for trolling motors.


A lithium battery is much lighter than its lead-acid counterparts—on average, about half the weight without sacrificing power. This weight discrepancy is especially important for 36V batteries as lead-acid units can be quite burdensome to use and install, while lithium units are much easier to handle.

If you’re looking to put your fishing boat on a diet, there’s no quicker or more effective way than switching to lithium batteries!


Another significant benefit of lithium batteries is that they last longer. Their longevity isn’t disputed—it’s a fact that a typical lithium battery has approximately 10 times as many charge-discharge cycles in its capacity than a conventional battery.

Plus, lithium batteries are much more durable and require less maintenance, so boaters get a battery that will work longer with less maintenance!

Long-Term Value

These lithium battery benefits give boaters much greater long-term value than a conventional unit. While a lithium battery may have a higher sticker price due to its durability, longevity, weight reduction, and more, it’s a much better long-term value.

One lithium battery can last as long as five lead-acid batteries—so when considering getting the most bang for your buck, the choice is obvious!

We hope our guide has helped you learn everything you need to know about 36V trolling batteries, but if you’d like to learn more, don’t hesitate to contact our helpful staff at Abyss Battery!

Everything You Need To Know About 36V Trolling Batteries

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    If I put 3 12volt lithium batteries in series for a trolling motor. Is it better for the batteries to use a 3 bank 12 volt charger or a 36 volt charger. Both options would be chargers for lithium batteries. My understanding is that a 15 amp 12 v 3 bank charger will charge at (5 amps)(12 volts) 3 banks = 180 watts but a (36 volt) (15 amp) charger produces = 540 watts. So that is the benefit. But does it hurt the batteries.

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