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Everything You Need to Know About Marine Lithium Batteries

Everything You Need to Know About Lithium Batteries - Abyss Battery

The world is heavily moving over into the lithium-ion market, using this new battery technology as a way to speed up, revolutionize, and lean-out industries, tasks, and hobbies. When compared with traditional battery technology, lithium batteries offer a slew of benefits like charging faster, lasting longer, and having a higher power density for a longer battery life that is also lighter in weight. By leveraging fast-charging technology to reach an 80% charge in a fraction of the time when using lead or other marine battery alternatives, the lithium battery then switches over to slower tricking charging to maximize efficiency. Additionally, you can charge up the battery whenever you want, with no special requirements the demands the battery discharge to 100% before it can be recharged. Rather, the lithium battery works in charge cycles.

Abyss Battery Marine Lithium Battery Internals

Easier Lifting and Installation

Since lithium batteries are half of the weight of the same capacity lead-acid battery, they are much easier to lift, and therefore, install. Our Abyss lithium battery is only 30 pounds, while the lead-acid alternative is 75 pounds, and many times, individuals will have three of these lead batteries working in tandem for a total of 225 pounds. The agile, lightweight nature of a lithium battery means anyone can use them, move them, and install them as needed.

Higher Power

Whether it’s on a boat, sailboat, or golf cart, the lithium battery has a reduced weight and higher power that creates a noticeable faster ride. With a high voltage that produces more power, a lithium battery makes it easy to accelerate and reach top speeds previously unachievable.

Reliable Power Throughout Use

Lithium batteries are so reliable that accessories can be run off of the battery bank, making them ideal for fishing, boating, and sailing. However, with a lead alternative, at some point, the voltage drops to 50%, and makes it unable to power the accessories in tow. As long as the voltage remains high until the batteries are at 0%, the lithium battery is able to function as a battery bank throughout the duration of the trip or adventure.

They Last During Storage

If you are storing your lithium batteries for three-to-six months, you don’t have to worry about them losing charge. Ideally, leave them at 50% before you store them, especially if you plan to store them long-term. It’s convenient and easy-to-do, while a lead-acid battery would require recharging the moment you take them out of storage. When it comes to the partial state of charge in a lead-acid battery, it will reduce the performance and life of the battery altogether. It’s this fact alone that makes lithium batteries a more cost-effective solution available today. Marine lithium batteries last longer, have a higher performance, are able to support accessories, are lightweight, and are more cost effective than the lead-acid competitors. Here at Abyss Battery, we proudly sell lithium boat batteries and lithium trolling motor batteries that are going to change your experience on the water – guaranteed.

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