How Long Should a 24V Trolling Motor Battery Last?

24V marine lithium battery for Minnkota trolling motor

Are you looking to learn more about 24V trolling motor batteries? In our guide, you’ll learn how long a 24V trolling motor battery lasts, its overall lifespan, and how you can help it last longer!

The Runtime of a 24V Trolling Motor Battery

Many factors determine how long a 24V trolling motor battery lasts—the sea conditions, the size of the boat, and even the tides. For a traditional craft with a 24-volt trolling motor battery (16-22 feet in length), the general runtime is about half a day.

Our 24V trolling motor batteries from Abyss Battery feature a general runtime of five to seven hours on a single charge and under favorable conditions. With a 24V 75 Ah or 24V 100Ah setup from Abyss Battery, you can expect an even longer runtime of over eight hours.

Tips for Preserving the Lifespan of a Trolling Motor Battery

What about the total lifespan of a 24V trolling motor battery? How long can boatowners expect that to last?

Again, many factors influence a battery’s lifespan, but they typically last at least five years and can be viable for up to 10 with proper maintenance. Want your new battery to last for up to a decade? We’ve got some tips to help!

Best Charging Practices 

After a day of using a trolling motor battery, you might think that putting it on the charger is the logical thing to do, however The best practice is to wait to charge your battery the night before you plan on using it again. Li-ion does not need to be fully charged as is the case with lead acid, nor is it desirable to do so. In fact, it is better not to fully charge because a high voltage stresses the battery.

Keep It Cool

A battery, like anything else, is at its best when kept at a moderate and stable temperature. Too much heat in a battery can cause internal corrosion—a harbinger of disaster.

When charging the battery, it’s wise to keep it in a moderate or climate-controlled environment around 60 degrees Fahrenheit. You should never leave a battery outside in direct sunlight for extended periods or while charging—that’s a surefire way to cause overheating and severe damage to the battery.

But don't worry, if your charging environment is too hot our intelligent 24V lithium marine battery chargers will recognizes this and wait to fully charge your battery until the environmental temperature becomes safe. 

Use It Sparingly

Trolling motor batteries are obviously convenient and useful, but you don’t want to use it so much you end up shortening the lifespan. A trolling motor battery can last a long time when cared for, but if the owner abuses its use, it won’t last long.

A 24V trolling motor battery is like any machine or piece of equipment—push it to the limits too often and it’ll wear down faster. Obviously, you can still use your trolling battery, but the best practice is to use it occasionally and not push it to the edge of its charge or power.

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