Using Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries To Sail Across The World

How One Couple is Using Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries to Live Off of Their Sailboat and Travel the World - Abyss Battery

It’s safe to say the pandemic has ushered in a new way of living for so many people around the world, as they realize that life is short, time is fleeting, and working a job they hate from an office every day is no longer the answer. People are getting in cars and vans, or for one couple, living off of a sailboat as they sail the world, explore new terrain, and take in all of the magic and wonder that comes from a marine lifestyle. In order to make their adventure possible, Emily and Ryan sought out our support for a battery that could work with their sailboat. In an effort to keep them safe and also anchored as needed, they found that our Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery was the perfect solution to their sailing problem.

Upon purchasing their sailboat, the Aquila in July 2020, the boat came with four 75-amp-hour 6-volt lead-acid golf cart batteries that were arranged in two banks. The batteries were wired in series to create a small 12-volt house bank, which were not going to hold up in a global sailing pursuit. The couple knew they had to upgrade and do something special if they wanted to continue on with their travel plans. In the world of cruising, boating, and RVing, which has become incredibly popular today, there are only a few different types of batteries that can be used for what is known as a house bank. The house bank refers to a group of batteries that are connected to everything in the boat, minus starting the engine. It’s essentially the heart of the onboard grid system and can make or break any sailing excursion.

Ryan and Emily knew they were going to have to splurge and purchase marine lithium batteries for the house bank while keeping the engine on its own starter battery in the form of AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat). For years, AGM batteries had been regarded as the leader in ‘deep cycle’ battery powering, able to consume the majority of the cell’s energy while bringing voltage back up to safely charge. The problem is that AGM batteries are not cheap and are extremely heavy since they are packed with heavy battery plates. Not ideal for sailing.

The couple knew there must be a more agile solution, which led them to us here at Abyss Battery. They purchased two Abyss brand 8D sized lithium iron phosphate 12V 300-amp hour batteries from our platform, which are known to be way lighter when compared to AGM, can be drained without damage, and are sealed and waterproof. They also have a 10 year/10,000 cycle life, while AGM batteries only last 6-years. Lastly, our batteries come with a battery management system, which is like a built-in computer that makes them the most cutting-edge battery of their kind on the market.

Our battery system monitors all of the internals and can disconnect or shut off cells that are faulting or failing. Ryan and Emily are now able to sail the seas, see the world, and enjoy the comfort of world-class lithium iron phosphate batteries.

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