Tips for Charging Lithium Boat Batteries Properly

Tips for Charging Lithium Boat Batteries Properly

Many factors go into caring for and maintaining a lithium boat battery, and the most significant is charging it correctly. Our guide will offer some simple but effective tips for properly charging your lithium boat batteries.

Use a Lithium Battery Charger

The most obvious but effective way to ensure you’re charging your lithium batteries correctly is to use a proper lithium boat battery charger. While it’s certainly possible to use other chargers with lithium batteries, it’s always better to use a charger specifically designed for lithium batteries.

Oftentimes, other chargers hooked up to a lithium battery will malfunction and decline to charge the battery. When in doubt, a lithium charger for a lithium battery is the best option for your boat battery’s health.

Pro Tip: Consider getting a portable lithium battery charger for your boat if you ever need an emergency charge on the water.

Use a Charger With the Correct Voltage

Next, you should look closely at the voltage of the charger you’re hooking up to your boat’s battery. You can choose from many different chargers with varying currents, but the important thing to remember is to never use a charger with a higher voltage or amp hour (Ah) rating than your battery.

Most boats use a 12V battery, which is compatible with any 12V charger or below, like a 4A or 10A charger. Using a charger with too much voltage or current can permanently damage the battery and cause a wealth of problems.

Charge in Comfortable Conditions

The surrounding conditions and environment of the charger and battery are also important. With lithium batteries, this isn’t much of a concern, as they’re famously durable and resistant to extreme temperatures.

As long as the temperature is between zero and 130 degrees Fahrenheit, most lithium batteries should charge fine. That’s a substantial range, but you don’t want to push your battery to its limits. It’s best to charge it in the shade in a controlled environment.

Ensure Battery & Terminals Are Clean

As we all know, clean things last longer and perform better, and it’s especially true for batteries and chargers. Lithium batteries are more resistant to dirt and corrosion but are not invincible.

Battery terminals can become magnets for dirt and grime, so always check them before hooking up the charger, and consider giving them a quick clean before charging.

Now, you should better understand how to charge your lithium boat batteries properly! If you’re interested in getting a new lithium boat battery or charger, browse our inventory online or contact our staff with any questions.

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