What To Look For When Choosing a Trolling Motor Battery

Things To Look For When Choosing a Trolling Motor Battery

Fishing with a trolling motor provides many advantages. Users can correctly position their boat and keep it in one spot without scaring the fish. However, not all trolling motor batteries are made the same.

Here’s what to look for when choosing a trolling motor battery.


One of the most significant factors to consider when deciding which trolling motor battery to buy is the load it can handle. Your trolling motor should be powerful enough to handle the weight of your boat.

You might need something with anywhere from 0.5 to 2 horsepower, depending on how fast you want to go. A battery with enough amperage to run it is essential, and you’ll want something that can last the day without leaving you stranded.

Cell Type

Manufacturers have designed a variety of trolling motor batteries, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Wet-cell, AGM, and gel batteries each have strengths and weaknesses that boaters need to consider before purchasing.

Most trolling motor lithium batteries are designed to operate without losing voltage and can be charged quickly with little effort. Lithium batteries weigh less than traditional lead-acid designs and have a longer life cycle, making them an excellent investment.


Boat rides can get bumpy, and you never know what the weather will do. When selecting your trolling motor battery, you’ll want to find something durable and capable of withstanding the elements.

Many modern batteries are designed to prevent spilling, but taking the necessary steps to keep it operating at max capacity is still important. No matter what type of battery you buy, remember to store it in a cool place while charging or during the off-season so it isn’t damaged.

Find the Battery That Fits Your Needs

The type, size, and quality of the marine battery you choose will entirely depend on your situation. Learning about your boat and its engine will make it easier to find the right one.

Knowing what to look for when choosing a trolling motor battery will allow you to find the best solution without wasting time and money.

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