Why Fishermen Are Using Lithium Trolling Motors for Their Summer Tarpon Fishing

June 1, 2021 was a beautiful day for fishermen across the United States: it marked the opening of the grouper and red snapper seasons from coast-to-coast. Even more special than previous seasons, the 2021 season has been extended for both of these species, which gives agile fishermen even more opportunities to capitalize from the fishing bonanza. In order for these fishermen to be able to enjoy every second that the fishing season has to offer, they need a motor that supports their endeavors. Having the right boat, poles, gear, etc. is one thing; yet, having a battery/motor that can get you where you need to go with effortlessness is a whole different ball game. Investing just a little time into an upgrade that will give any fisherman the upper hand is worth the consideration. We are talking about the batteries that you use to power your boat’s trolling motor.

Benefits of Lithium Trolling Motor Batteries

Lithium Batteries Are Lightweight.

 Lead trolling motors are heavy – really heavy. They can be up to 75 pounds, each, and if you have a few onboard, you’re looking at hundreds of pounds of motor. If you happen to find yourself spotting the perfect fish, but can’t quite get to it in time, that fish can slip through your grip before you even have time to catch it. You and your boat need to be agile, which is why lithium batteries are capable of making much more pound-per-pound output, with a battery that is even capable of floating.

They Are a More Powerful Option. 

Lithium batteries are best known for holding their charge for the entire trip since they don’t lose voltage as the ride continues. While the lead battery options can drop to 50% voltage and are unable to be powered back up out on the water, a lithium battery won’t lose voltage up to almost 100% of usage. Lithium batteries also increase the overall trolling motor speed since they do not require the same voltage level output as the alternatives

The Spot Lock GPS Feature.

Using a lithium trolling motor enables you to engage the spot lot GPS feature that will hold your fishing spot instead of having to throw an anchor. For ultimate agility and versatility on the water, the motor will double as a GPS lock that can help you take your fishing game to the next level. When used properly, a lithium battery can last up to 10-years, making them the most cost-effective and sustainable battery on the market. Here at Abyss Battery, we are proud to offer sought-after marine lithium boat batteries that will change how you fish today and for decades to come. For more information,.

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