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Why You Should Never Use a Car Battery on Your Boat

Why You Should Never Use a Car Battery on Your Boat

Your boat was designed so that you can have fun on the water, but you won’t get very far if you don’t have the correct battery. While there are many different types of cells to choose from, it’s essential to ensure you aren’t cutting any corners.

Some people get impatient and hook any old battery up to their engine. This is why you should never use a car battery on your boat.

The Wrong Materials

Car battery cells are designed to sit in a vehicle’s engine block, where they’re generally protected from the elements. Alternatively, marine batteries are designed to be exposed to the elements. They’re made of more durable materials that can handle constant shaking and jostling.

Putting a car battery in a boat will cause it to degrade much more quickly. You could possibly damage it and cause dangerous chemicals to leak from the cell. Instead, you should get a marine battery designed for the intensities of the open water.

Different Voltage

Deep-cycle batteries are made with more power to get more cranks out of the cell. A car battery doesn’t have the voltage to turn over a marine vehicle repeatedly. Marine batteries feature a larger internal plate and housing, making them better at discharging.

Remember never to charge a boat battery with a car battery. Otherwise, you could cause unnecessary damage to the equipment. Getting a decent 24-volt marine battery is your best bet if you want something reliable.

Size Requirements

In many cases, you won’t be able to fit a car battery in the correct space on your boat, which can cause safety issues if forced. Boat batteries have a larger casing to protect them from the environment, making it harder to switch them out for a car battery.

Most boats require a deep cycle and a trolling motor for maximum safety. Having both will ensure you don’t get stuck on the water while out having fun. If you use the wrong battery, you can ruin your motor and be left without any options at all.

Learn About Your Boat’s Requirements

Not all boats are made the same. Some require larger batteries with more power, while others don’t need much power at all.

No matter what problems you’re facing, you should never use a car battery on your boat. Take some time to learn about your boat to ensure you can fully enjoy your time.

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