Why Your Boat Needs Electric Fishing Reel Batteries

Why Your Boat Needs Electric Fishing Reel Batteries

Electric fishing reels are more prevalent and advanced than ever. Our guide will detail why your boat needs an electric fishing reel and electric reel batteries.

What Is an Electric Fishing Reel Battery?

Before getting into the details of why your boat needs electric fishing reel batteries, it’s important to understand what an electric fishing reel is. An electric fishing reel is essentially a reel with an electric motor that reels in and controls the line for anglers.

Anglers can use electric fishing reels in practically any fishing application, but they’re primarily for deep sea or kite fishing. Naturally, a reel with an electric motor needs a battery to operate, which is where fishing reel batteries come in.

Electric Fishing Reel Battery installation instructions.

Why You Should Keep Spare Batteries for Your Boat

If you use an electric fishing reel or plan on having one, it’s wise to always keep a spare fishing reel battery aboard your boat. With an extra, you can always be sure that your electric fishing reel has the juice to last an entire day or more of fishing while using the electric fishing reel!

Benefits of an Electric Fishing Reel for Your Boat

Anyone Can Use Them

Even if you don’t personally prefer electric fishing reels, it’s a good idea to keep one aboard because anyone can use them. Deep sea fishing requires a lot of strength and endurance—sometimes too much for younger or older anglers to muster on their own.

But you don’t want kids and seniors to miss out on the fun! Electric reels level the playing field and give everyone the satisfaction of hooking and reeling in their catch with a little help. Those with a disability or injury often use these reels to get out on the water and have fun with everyone else.

Conserve Energy

The primary benefit of an electric reel for the everyday angler is that it makes deep sea fishing a lot easier! For deep drop fishing, reeling in the line can be time-consuming and fatiguing—instead, let the electric reel do the brunt of the work while you conserve your energy for the big catch.

And, if you do get a trophy fish on the hook, reeling it into the boat from the depths is likely much easier said than done. With an electric fishing reel, you can take a momentary break to catch your breath and ensure you don’t lose your catch or the progress you’ve made reeling it in.

When reeling in a trophy fish, you need all the help you can get!

Valuable Features

Along with an electric motor to help you reel in your catch, many modern electric fishing reels come with valuable features to help in other areas of fishing. These features include:

  • LCD screen with a depth counter
  • Variable reeling speeds
  • Data archives
  • Automatic drag system
  • Alarms

An electric fishing reel doesn’t just come with a motor but numerous tools to make your next fishing trip your best!

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