Tournament Sponsorship 

Abyss Battery® is the go to lithium marine battery for professional Redfish Anglers, and first choice among saltwater fishing guides. In the world of competitive angling, our company is committed to supporting young and aspiring guides. We offer sponsorship packages for those interested in building their reputations as top-tier professionals that are worthy of following. We are a company that understands how important sponsorship can be for any given athlete and will do everything it takes to support them with their sponsorships whether they are an individual competitor or someone working behind the scenes like a guide or tournament director. 

Abyss Battery Sponsor Redfish World Series
Abyss Battery Old Salt Fishing Foundation
Abyss Battery Power-Pole Pro Redfish Tour
Abyss Battery Power-Pole Pro Redfish Tour
Abyss Battery Florida Redfish Series
Abyss Battery Redfish Madness Sponsor
Abyss Battery National Redfish Tour battery sponsor

Angler Sponsorship Program

Abyss Battery® is committed to the sport of competitive angling and believes in supporting anglers through our sponsorship program. We offer 3 tiers of sponsorships for anglers, guides, and those who direct fishing tournaments. We provide support on products that is determined by dealer/boat-partner relationships, skill level, and potential exposure for Abyss Battery®. The goal of this program is to create brand recognition, angler loyalty, and to grow our dealer network. Apply to be sponsored. 

National Redfish Tour Abyss Battery Tournament sponsor

 Gold Sponsorship level: Rebate 25% OFF

12-volt dual purpose marine lithium battery

12-Volt Dual Purpose Battery

24V Lithium Trolling Motor Batteries

24-Volt Trolling Motor Battery

36V Trolling Motor Lithium Battery

36-Volt Lithium Trolling Motor Battery

Abyss Battery tournament red fishing