ABYSS® Starboard Marine Battery Tray
ABYSS® Starboard Marine Battery Tray
ABYSS® Starboard Marine Battery Tray
ABYSS® Starboard Marine Battery Tray
ABYSS® Starboard Marine Battery Tray
ABYSS® Starboard Marine Battery Tray
ABYSS® Starboard Marine Battery Tray
ABYSS® Starboard Marine Battery Tray
ABYSS® Starboard Marine Battery Tray

ABYSS® Starboard Marine Battery Tray


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Looking for a battery tray that can withstand just about anything? We've got you covered with our Marine Battery Tray. Made from marine grade starboard, this tray is designed to take on tensile loads of over 150 kilogram force. Not only is it tough, but it's also impact resistant down to minus -20 degrees Fahrenheit and immune to UV exposure. This battery tray Is easy to clean, it's able to withstand acid, gas, oil and other contaminants. So no matter what your boat throws at it, this tray will keep your battery safe and sound. Order yours today and rest easy knowing that your battery investment is well protected. 

Impact Resistant 

  • This tough and impact-resistant tray is designed to withstand temperatures as low as -20 degrees Fahrenheit, making it ideal for harsh environments. 

UV Resistant 

  • Engineered to last the rigors of the outdoors. Made with UV inhibitors and color stabilizers to prevent structural degradation and color fading.

Designed for Safety

  • Meets the United States Coast Guard’s Code of Federal Regulations 183.420 and the American Boat and Yacht Council’s E-10.7 requirements.

Customer Reviews

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Jeff M.
Great lock down for the battery

This is a well built, purpose built tie down for the Abyss battery. It fits like a glove. When you look at the tray picture, the battery sits in the hole in the middle, so you do need to have some clearance around where you are putting the battery for that lip both on top and bottom.

Danny Aaron

So far love it

Louie Yaitanes
The Best !!!

I have purchased quite a few Abyss batteries recently. Hands Down, Abyss is the Best Lithium Battery on the market. I recently have been using the 36v 60AH and just shared a purchase w a friend on x4 of the 12v 350AH. Ryan has been a wealth of knowledge and I can’t Thank him enough for all the support he has given us.
The Guys from GulfSide Marine

Robert Lutts
Great Product

Perfect fit and too bad it’s tucked away in the console because it looks great with the Abyss logo engraved in the top.

 Yellowfin with Abyss 12V Lithium Marine Dual Purpose Batteries.


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Abyss Batteries demonstrate the highest safety performance in the industry while also offering increased current, capacity and durability. Our Batteries are more reliable and safer than comparable products because they cannot short out due to our design construction. Cell holders within the battery provide a more robust stable, and firm internal structure that protect and separate every cell to avoid any circuit short risk caused by vibration or impact.

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All Abyss Batteries are built tough, with a shock-resistant and vibration-resistant construction. Our marine batteries are also fully waterproof and saltwater tested to fully combat corrosion.

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